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Brother - sister duo, Adam and Sascha Jones, established enrGIsustain to combat and address the “diabesity” epidemic that’s increasing at an alarming rate across the globe. With research showing that up to 90 percent of Type 2 Diabetes cases can be prevented by embracing healthy habits such as eating low GI foods and regular exercise, enrGIsustain is providing a convenient low GI snack option for consumers.

It’s widely known that following a low GI diet can lower your risk of diabetes, curb inflammation, can assist with weight loss and has a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. enrGIsustain is a specially designed snack bar that keeps blood sugar levels balanced, leaves you feeling full for longer, keeps cravings at bay and stablises your mood.

The wellpreneurs noticed a gap in the Australian market for snack bars that have research-backed health benefits and wanted to create a product that could deliver real results for their customers. Inspired by the success of their family business in the health supplement industry, they established Set The Bar Pty Ltd in 2016, providing pre-diabetic and healthy minded people with professionally formulated food products they can trust.


Adam Jones

With 15 years experience as an investment adviser and stockbroker, with a focus on emerging technology and medical/health companies, Adam realised the corporate world wasn’t fueling his passion for health and wellness, and had a desire to make a bigger impact through his work. After many years in a stressful and sedentary office environment, Adam shifted his career path and decided to pursue a more philanthropic and healthier lifestyle.

Along with creating snack foods for the health conscious consumer, Adam is currently working with practitioners on a pilot program for improving the lifestyle, management and outcome of treatments for pre-diabetic patients.

Adam is on a mission to bring to light the preventative measures people can take to avoid Type 2 Diabetes and introduce them to a specially designed snack food that is gluten free, high in protein, low GI and is packed full of real goodness.


Sascha Jones

With a background working in fine and decorative art galleries, styling for TV commercials and fashion design, Sascha had a successful, fast paced and highly stressful retail career in luxury high-end fashion, furniture and home wares. Sascha co-owned two stores in Sydney and travelled internationally at least four times a year as a buyer for the business, which eventually started taking its toll on her overall health.

Longing for a more balanced and wholesome lifestyle, as well as a family, Sascha sold her business in Sydney and moved with her partner to a property in the Central Coast Hinterland to escape the city hustle.

The busy mother of two writes a Style + Slow Living blog and owns a lifestyle essentials e-store. Having taught yoga while living in NYC and studying a Gyrotonics teacher training course in Sydney, Sascha has a personal commitment to healthy living and wellbeing.

Sascha’s strong passion for health and wellness has taken her on her new entrepreneurial journey as the co-founder of low GI snack bar, enrGIsustain, where she works alongside her brother Adam.

Along with running her businesses, Sascha has practiced yoga, Pilates, meditation and martial arts and is a big believer in creating a positive life balance and doing the hard personal work where necessary to be the best version of ourselves possible.